Two Ladies Kitchen
Logo Redesign

Vizualizing the delight of omiyage.


For this project, I was tasked with creating a logo for a corporation of my choice. At the time, my sister had recently taken a short trip to the Big Island of Hawaiʻi and had brought back an assortment of wonderful desserts from the infamous Two Ladies Kitchen in old Hilo Town. Two Ladies Kitchen's strawberry mochi has come to be highly anticipated form of omiyage (keepsake/memento) for families with returning friends from the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. They are the client I chose for this project.


  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Symbolism


  • Illustrator

The Story


Two Ladies Kitchen is a family business in several ways. It's origin was a family hobby to foster connection to Japanese heritage. The business culture is very personable since it's staffed by a small crew. Customers visit the confectionary to bring omiyage home to their families. Nora Uchida, the shop-owner, continues to explore new ways of making mochi—the tradition she learned from her aunt.

Relevant Quote

When I recieve a box from Two Ladies Kitchen's stamped with their seal, it's like hearing the words “I love you.”


Learning Two Ladies' story was an important part of my process to redesign their logo. It helped me identify core attributes of their brand, cultivate ideas based on history or folklore, and lead me into brainstorming and sketching.


  • Family
  • Japanese folklore
  • Hands (hand-crafted, "handed down," care)
  • Rice (longevity, mochi)


I created three executions of my five strongest sketches. After presenting these three versions of the logo, I narrowed my focus on one logo to develop further.

The Final Logo

An unexpected twist in the story.

The final logo I chose was a serious departure from the three contenders. Compared to contender #1 and #2, it was more modern and free of the retro-feel I created. I felt the it was appropriate that Two Ladies Kitchen which creates new and exciting versions of mochi should not be too closely linked to old traditions.

The ribbon carries the same sentiment as a mizuhiki at the top of a special gift. The color red was chosen because it's known to represent aloha and the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. In the center of the ribbon is a heart because I feel when I recieve a box from Two Ladies Kitchen's stamped with their seal, it's like hearing the words “I love you.”

Final Logo

Logo Details

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