Case Study:

Small Hands
Against Big Phones
Club Branding

An angry, tiny-handed, passionate club of activists.

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Smartphones have greatly improved many aspects of modern life. They're powerful tools that can serve anyone's needs—and yet they're failing a particular demographic: Small-Handed-People. The recent increasing size of phones poses many problems for my forever-small hands. With this student project, I developed the identity of a club that shares my struggle.


  • Branding
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Graphics


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • AfterEffects
  • InDesign

The Brand Strategy

Positioning Statement

Small Hands Against Big Phones is a club for tiny-handed people against the growing sizes of smartphones. They rally for universal size inclusion in the technology industry. It’s a geographically diverse club with chapters nationwide with activities spanning from emotional support to activism. They detest the need for tools designed to accommodate exclusive phone sizes like pop-sockets, rings, and phone cases for those who struggle to hold their phones. The smart-technology world should not exclude small hands from their ultrawide, HD, XXL world.

The Identity Design

Small Hands Against Big Phones (SHABP) needed a impactful logo that's highly recognizable and expresses outrage. The high-risk approach to typography and color is inspired by the striking work of Paula Scher. It took studied negligence in order to create a coherent logo that felt spontaneous and rough around the edges. The details of the letterforms, shapes, and negative space were finely-tuned to sit harmoniously together in one shape.

Additionally, for the logo to be scalable, it needed marks that could be recognized in various sizes. I resolved to create a favicon for the smallest size, and two wordmarks.

SHABP Color Palete featuring piercing pink—a vibrant pink, acid sting—a vivd turqouise, vexed black—a deep mossy black, and sulfur contempt—a duller yellow.
SHABP typography featuring Cubano, Garage Gothic, Acumin Variable Concept, Fairplex Wide, and Gallaudet.

Campaign Materials


SHABP Business Cards that read:'We are the Tiny & Mighty Fight for Size Inclusive Technology' on the back.
Enamel pins of SHABP's logo, favicon, two illustrations of a hand dropping a phone, and a middle finger
SHABP stationery.
SHABP Buttons. Relevant messaging: 'We are the Tiny & Mighty Fight for Size Inclusive Technology;' '#endXXLPhones
SHABP Buttons. Relevant messaging: 'We are the Tiny & Mighty Fight for Size Inclusive Technology;' '#endXXLPhones
Billboard reads 'End Big Phones Now. Demand size inclusive technology.'

Campaign Materials



For this student project, I had the freedom to choose my client. As someone with small hands and a big phone, I chose to do another branding project for an idea that came to me the semester prior. Initially, I was intimidated by the prospect of the "Small Hands Against Big Phones" Club because I had no idea what it would look like. I later found out that hashing that sort of challenge out is what makes student projects fun. Relying on the Brand Strategy I formulated was key in ensuring the brand was cohesive and fulfilled my vision.

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