Pele Submission:

Small Hands
Against Big Phones
Club Branding

An angry, tiny-handed, passionate club of activists.


Smartphones have greatly improved many aspects of modern life. They're powerful tools that can serve anyone's needs—and yet they're failing a particular demographic: Small-Handed-People. The recent increasing size of phones poses many problems for my forever-small hands. With this student project, I developed the identity of a club that shares my struggle.

The Brand Strategy

Positioning Statement

Small Hands Against Big Phones is a club for tiny-handed people against the growing sizes of smartphones. They rally for universal size inclusion in the technology industry. It’s a geographically diverse club with chapters nationwide with activities spanning from emotional support to activism. They detest the need for tools designed to accommodate exclusive phone sizes like pop-sockets, rings, and phone cases for those who struggle to hold their phones. The smart-technology world should not exclude small hands from their ultrawide, HD, XXL world.

The Logo

Campaign Materials


SHABP Business Cards that read:'We are the Tiny & Mighty Fight for Size Inclusive Technology' on the back.
SHABP Buttons. Relevant messaging: 'We are the Tiny & Mighty Fight for Size Inclusive Technology;' '#endXXLPhones
SHABP stationery.
Billboard reads 'End Big Phones Now. Demand size inclusive technology.'

Campaign Materials


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