Natura Insects Museum
Exhibit Brochure

Bringing the art of Raku Inoue to life.


For this student project, I was tasked to create a museum exhibit brochure for a topic or artist of my selection. At the time, I had recently discovered the work of Raku Inoue who is a Canadian based artist originally born in Tokyo. Because of my interest in flora, animals, and insects, I was very attracted to his arrangements for his Natura Insects series. Each piece of his has a life-like quality to me despite being constructed of inanimate pieces of nature. I hoped to bring that life-like quality to this printed project.


  • Print Design
  • Typesetting


  • InDesign
  • Photoshop
Mocked up museum brochure showing the cover, 2 inner pannels, and half of the gate of the gate-fold.

Typographic Details

The font families I used were Proxima Nova and Adobe Garamond. The serifs of Garamond are delicate and feel light like the legs of an insect. Garamond also features beautiful ligatures sprinkled throughout the brochure.

To contrast Garamond, I used Proxima Nova which is a geometric sans-serif family that I chose for its clean and open feeling.


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Front Panel

Double Gate Fold

Inside Panels

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